Alex Roy Reveals Transcontinental Run, Claims Record

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The statutes of limitation are up, and that means Alex Roy can release the media hounds, revealing a secret coast-to-coast run he says he and co-driver Dave Maher accomplished in a record-breaking 31 hours, 4 minutes last October. That revelation corresponds with a blitz including pieces in Wired and Esquire, and a memoir, The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World, HarperCollins will release this week. The numbers, Roy says, can be verified by a combination of time-coded video, toll and gas receipts, GPS tracking, eyewitnesses and other empirical info, though won't be certified by the Guinness people, who'd as soon down a cold Budweiser as verify an illegal act. All considered, Roy and Maher apparently bested not only an attempt made earlier this year by Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins in a Ferrari 550, but also the famed "32:07" David Diem and Doug Turner clocked in a Ferrari 308 during the 1983 US Express run. The drive was also recorded for an upcoming documentary. More to come, including impressions from Spinelli and Johnson [UPDATE: and Wert], later today. (Full disclosure: Jalopnik acted as a third-party witness to the run's departure from Manhattan Classic Car Club in New York on the evening of October 7, 2006 and its arrival at Santa Monica Pier on the morning of October 9, 2006, and agreed not to disclose the trip until now.) [Team Polizei]