Polizei: Team Polizei Not Really Actual Polizei

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In German law enforcement, there is no room for imprecision. Our pal Alex Roy is one highly precise man. Some would say precise to the point of obsession. Anyway, last night he kicked down an e-mail from German law enforcement (in Comic Sans, no less, which we feel is not precise enough for German police), which we've reprinted after the jump. We thought was rather amusing, and we can imagine Herr Roy giggling his ass off when he received it. As we have no interest in the Bundespolizei knocking at our door in the middle of the night, especially the feared Grenzschutzgruppe Eins Vier Vier, we have redacted the officer's name.

Sorry Guys someone told ya a real Bullshit Story.

I'm serving since 36 years and we never had a team or a force like you said.

The German Government never formed a "Unit 144", cause in all of our 16 different States we only have State Police Departments. The patch you sell, is from the State of Lower Saxony. The Federal Police is in charge with totally different things, at the Airports, Railroad Stations and Borders. They never where in charge with the "Autobahn" so who the fuck told ya this Bullshit about "Unit 144"? The German law says, the only Authority for Police Troops in the States, is in the hands of the State Governments and not with the Federal Government.

So with this story you really cheat on your customers cause the whole thing is fake.


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That guy is nuts. Now ask him when 32 Hours, 7 Minutes is coming out! I show him (or someone with the same name) as a producer.