Bald, law-breaking road rally drivers will be better represented in Grand Am Sports Car racing this year, Alex Roy, holder of the NY-to-LA driving record, is entering the series.

Alex, after being told he couldn't drive a manual and receiving a lecture on the nature of being a team player by veteran racer and Skip Barber instructor Rene Villeneuve, is now embarking on his next challenge — a dream pursued by only those with big wads of bills or bankrolled by those with even bigger ones.

Now, with Villeneuve as his captain, he embarks on his next endurance challenge — the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series.

The series culminates in the 24 Hours of Daytona, and we're quite interested in seeing Alex's mental state after completing that race and eagerly look forward to his first competitive outing on May 17. Roy, the author of The Driver, which tells the tale of driving at illegal speeds coast to coast in pursuit of the transcontinental record, Alex is known more for his brazen flouting of traffic laws and larger-than-life personality than his demure and steely nature as a team manager. Still, he tells us he's learning the meaning of teamwork — so we'll have to wait and see how he performs managing a team he's driving with. [Team Polizei]