Polizei on the Londino

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Herr Roy and his compatriot Mister Ross are off to galavant about the Old Country again, this time in an unmarked, mystery-Polizei vehicle (we're guessing that it might be a Continental GTC, but have no conformation from Ross nor Roy on that at this point). The event? The Londino, a transnational treasure-hunt/tour of sorts where men and women of a certain stature travel from London to Portofino merely on a series of hints. If one of the tasks is to bring back Jeff Ott, a la Paul Curran's legendary Benicia treasure hunt immortalized in Cometbus, we'll poop. We'll poop twice if they actually pull it off. [Team Polizei]

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@Evil Rick Wagoner: I took a date to see that movie. Worst. Mistake. Ever. Didn't get laid, didn't even FEEL like getting laid after that...

BTW, can you just poop on command? I usually wait till it's on deck before I go, but I don't let it stay there.