Team Polizei's Chariot O' Fire Departs for Gumball 3000

Herr Alex Roy and the mysterious Jeff Musical, only known as a part-time resident of Hoboken, New Jersey and German car enthusiast, spent the early part of today dropping off the Polizei 144 M5 Interceptor off at an undisclosed dock somewhere on the Eastern Seabord. This sadly means we will not be tooling around NYC this week in what may be the most infamous single BMW in the company's history. On the other hand, it means that what's likely the most insane road-rally car ever constructed will soon be on its way to do what it does best. Schadenfreude, thy name is Team Polizei. Plus, FXXs!

Gumball 2007 [Fotki]; Team Polizei

Polizei: Team Polizei Not Really Actual Polizei [Internal]


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