In case you missed it, friend to Jalopnik Alex Roy and his co-driver Dave Maher just shattered the intercontinental coast-to-coast speed record by over an hour. Well, they did it a year ago but its the 2000s, man — you gotta wait for the statute of limitations to run out secure the book movie deals before you break something this big. As Davey G points out, Roy and Maher's accomplishment lends even more credence to your collective assertion that the E39 M5 is the greatest M5 of all. On a personal note, I'm totally proud to be laterally associated with record breaking hoon-history. Even though like the rest of the world, I was kept in the dark (Davey told me all about it last night at 2:00 am). But remember what the Romans told their conquering generals; glory fades. As outstanding as Herr Roy's achievement is, how long will the new record stand?


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