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How Long Will Roy and Maher's Record Stand?

Illustration for article titled How Long Will Roy and Mahers Record Stand?

In case you missed it, friend to Jalopnik Alex Roy and his co-driver Dave Maher just shattered the intercontinental coast-to-coast speed record by over an hour. Well, they did it a year ago but its the 2000s, man — you gotta wait for the statute of limitations to run out secure the book movie deals before you break something this big. As Davey G points out, Roy and Maher's accomplishment lends even more credence to your collective assertion that the E39 M5 is the greatest M5 of all. On a personal note, I'm totally proud to be laterally associated with record breaking hoon-history. Even though like the rest of the world, I was kept in the dark (Davey told me all about it last night at 2:00 am). But remember what the Romans told their conquering generals; glory fades. As outstanding as Herr Roy's achievement is, how long will the new record stand?


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Yeah, but they're too stupid and loser-ish to bother doing something really rebelious.


I would probably choose a VW Phaeton. Even more stealth and more comfort and, if Clarkson is to be believed, specifically engineered to be able to accomplish this sort of feat. It might even be better than the M5. Oh but wait, it got booted out of the JFG. Well shit.

Not thinking too much about it that's probably what i would pick. Obviously the Continental GT would be the other option, but let's just say i'm wary of that.

Or maybe a skunkworks project of my own design. (Let's see... you stick two smallblock v8s together with superglue and then put a very low drag body over the top and a 100 gallon fuel tank and...)