Herr Roy Goes to E-Town

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During Alex Roy's long association with Jalopnik, we've come to regard his M5 as something of a piece of folk art; a snot-beat, pricey machine that's likely done more of what it was designed to do than just about any other E39 built. Herr Roy, of course, is a showman, and while his steed of choice is generally considered one of the finest cars of the last three decades, it's still a seven-year-old blue sedan. But somehow with the addition of antennae, stickers and Albanian goat-track dust, it becomes something else. It's almost a parody of the CSL Batmobiles in a way, but just as deadly in its own right. Alex and our pals Jeff Musical, Emil Rensing and Rob Ferretti took the M5 and a few other chips of the Bruce block down to Englishtown for the VW/Audi show at Waterfest over the weekend. It was bad enough that Roy showed up in a Bimmer. Worse? Rensing brought his F430. [Team Polizei]

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If you want to extend the metaphor, it could be a descendant of BMW's Art Cars. Too much? Maybe.

Also, I saw TWO Magnum-PI vintage Ferrari 308's on my way to work

yesterday. If there's anything cooler than Ferraris, it's old Ferraris.