Bloodhound SSC Gang To Attempt To Break 1000 MPH Speed Mark

Andy Green, former RAF pilot and current holder of the world land speed record, and Richard Noble, the driving force behind the Thrust 2 and Thrust SSC speed record cars, today announced they were signing on to the new Bloodhound SSC project intended to break the 1000 MPH mark. If they get there, they'd smash the… » 10/23/08 9:30am 10/23/08 9:30am

Faster Than A Veyron, And Yours At Half The Price!

Not only can you buy rusted-out hulks on eBay Motors, you can score yourself a brand new SSC Aero, with a Buy It Now price of a way-cheaper-than-Veyron $585,899. As we all know, this thing is the fastest production car in the world, which should be good for bragging rights next time your Veyron-driving buddies are… » 3/10/08 10:00am 3/10/08 10:00am

Fastest Lamborghini Ever, Edo Competition Sets Record in Murcielago

Take one carefully tuned Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640, an eight-mile oval, and a bunch of speed freaks propelled by destiny (and not a few shots of espresso) and you get the highest official speed for a Lamborghini, Ever. This fast lambo was able to propel itself to 214.8 mph with only the addition of high… » 12/03/07 9:15am 12/03/07 9:15am

Brabus-Tuned Maybach 57 Hits 205 mph in Nardo

There's a record for everything, though not every one gets equal weight among the record watchers. Take, for example, the title of Fastest and Most Exclusive Luxury Sedan. Show up at the Guinness doorstep with that belt, and they'll send you packing along with the guy sporting the world's largest buttocks-region… » 11/19/07 9:20pm 11/19/07 9:20pm

Why The Transcontinental Driving Record Should Die

Yes, I'm well aware I may be seen by some as a contrarian voice in the chorus here on Jalopnik today. But, despite the large number of posts, I know I'm not the only one of us who has expressed some misgivings over covering the topic of Alex Roy and Dave Maher's record-breaking sea-to-sea run of 31 hours, 4 minutes.… » 10/15/07 5:30pm 10/15/07 5:30pm

Alex Roy's Transcontinental Record: Gear Rundown

What manner of electronic gear rests in the cockpit of Alex Roy's bicoastal Bimmer? Roll call: Lots of GPS stuff, scanners, detectors jammers, CBs, thermal camera and monitor and other knick knacks. We're not sure where he put the espresso machine or kitchen gear — but those beluga caviar canapes aren't going to… » 10/15/07 3:30pm 10/15/07 3:30pm

The Other Side of the Wind: The Trials of a Transcontinental Record

Ahhh, the French champagne has always been celebrated for its excellence! Alex Roy doused with bubbly upon successful breaking of the transcontinental record.

Orson Welles once spoke of "the confidence of ignorance" in terms of the beginning of both his stage and screen careers. Henry Rollins once remarked that he… » 10/15/07 12:30pm 10/15/07 12:30pm

How Long Will Roy and Maher's Record Stand?

In case you missed it, friend to Jalopnik Alex Roy and his co-driver Dave Maher just shattered the intercontinental coast-to-coast speed record by over an hour. Well, they did it a year ago but its the 2000s, man — you gotta wait for the statute of limitations to run out secure the book movie deals before you break… » 10/15/07 12:00pm 10/15/07 12:00pm

Alex Roy's Transcontinental Run: Witness to the Departure

On the night of October 7, 2006, I'd headed out late, bound for the Manhattan Classic Car Club. Dashing south from the NYC suburbs in my loyal Toyota MR2 Spyder, joyously freezing with the top down, I cursed the sudden brake lights that signaled a command-presence of Westchester County police. Twenty minutes later, I… » 10/15/07 11:00am 10/15/07 11:00am

Alex Roy Reveals Transcontinental Run, Claims Record

The statutes of limitation are up, and that means Alex Roy can release the media hounds, revealing a secret coast-to-coast run he says he and co-driver Dave Maher accomplished in a record-breaking 31 hours, 4 minutes last October. That revelation corresponds with a blitz including pieces in Wired and Esquire, and a… » 10/15/07 9:00am 10/15/07 9:00am

Guinness Verifies Shelby SuperCars' Production Speed Record

Sorry Bugatti. The dark-beer company that's been tracking the best, fastest and biggest — ever since the company's managing director, Sir Hugh Beaver first argued over which was the fastest game bird in Europe — Guinness World Records has verified the SSC Ultimate Aero as the "Fastest Production Car." As we reported… » 10/08/07 2:45pm 10/08/07 2:45pm