Once upon a time, men were real men. Women were real women. And speed came from strapping yourself into an aircraft drop tank and hauling across a lakebed like a bat out of hell. Plus, there's in-tank video. Hallelujah.

We're not quite sure if this is the real thing or someone's achingly period-correct replica, but frankly, it doesn't matter. Drop tank, we want to have your babies. Tiny little drop tanks. All over the Smith house. (We'll name them things like "Tankerbell" and "Tanky Junior," teach them to play Little League, have reunions at Bonneville every summer. It'll be great.)


Tech specs and more pictures can be found here. Email this guy if you want to buy it but need someone to wear the goggles and run around making flathead noises with his mouth. (Hat tip to Kelly!)


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