Gee Willikers, Anatoly! Ekranoplan!

The Russians are great at building fearsome, crazy things. Take, for example, the AH-64 Apache. It's not cute. It's certainly deadly. But is it nearly as scary as the Mil Hind? That thing was so nuttily freakish that under some circumstances it was in danger of falling out of the sky if it stopped moving! Or say, the Antonov An-225. Bigger than a C-5, and definitely more imposing. Plus, the guys who fly them these days are known to barbeque on the upper deck. But even crazier (and somehow an amalgam of the two in our mind) is the Lun-class ekranoplan, which is like a high-speed flying boat that never gets more than a few feet off the water. Click the video and tell us you don't wet your pants in a mixture of glee and terror when the thing looses one of its six Sunburn anti-ship missiles. Go ahead. Tell us. We long to see one hurtling across the Bonneville Salt Flats. Somebody make this happen.

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Hell, there's even one on Google Maps!

Jalopnik cross-country rally, anyone? Only, you know, without the crashing into Macedonian VDubs.