Hennessey Ford GT Hits 263.3 MPH At The Texas Mile, Sets A New Record

Now that the weather has cooled off considerably down here in Texas, it's that time of year where we Texans get together and do what we do best: drive insanely overpowered cars extremely fast in a straight line.


I am, of course, talking about the the Texas Mile, the biannual festival of speed held in the small town of Beeville about an hour north of Corpus Christi. The Texas Mile has been going on since Friday, and there's already some big news.

Yesterday afternoon, those lovable hoons at Hennessey Performance managed a record-setting run of 263.3 mph in a twin-turbocharged Ford GT. I think that's what is commonly referred to as "ludicrous speed."

Earlier this year, the same car and driver combo set a record of 257.7 mph at the Mile, which was shattered on Friday. As we told you then, this particular Ford GT packs a a 5.4-liter Accufab Racing engine with a pair of Precision Turbochargers running on 117 octane racing gas. Let's hear it for driver Sean Kennedy for pulling this off, too.

It's been a pretty banner week for Hennessey in Texas. Just outside of Austin they helped state officials test the toll cameras at State Highway 130, the new roadway with the 85 mph speed limit. Of course, Hennessey did that in a 1,226 horsepower Cadillac CTS-V that hit 220.5 mph. We like to do things big down here.



Performance Power Racing just crushed the record in another Ford GT