So you want a supercar? Part 1 - The Basics

This isn't about how to get a supercar, it's about what to expect once you've got it. The things you may never have considered. Part 1 is going to cover the basic things you will experience on a day to day basis. Later parts will cover the less frequent and more obscure parts of ownership. Travis got a taste of… » 9/25/13 4:06pm 9/25/13 4:06pm

Is Torque Vectoring The Killer App Of Electric Sports Cars?

Torque vectoring. That is, the mechanical act of varying the amount of torque sent to each wheel — left to right in two-wheel-drive cars and also front to back in AWD — to improve traction and maximize a car's cornering ability. Did I say mechanical? Silly me. I also mean electronic. » 4/11/13 5:23pm 4/11/13 5:23pm

In the company of the SLS AMG’s cracklesnortpopboom V8

On a conscious level, the Mercedes–Benz SLS AMG is a cynical marketing ploy designed to milk the memory of Mercedes’s 1950s motorsport achievements. But listen to one at full throttle in a tunnel and all is forgiven. The SLS AMG makes the most viscerally wonderful supercar noise since Ferrari invented Ferraris. » 9/16/11 4:00pm 9/16/11 4:00pm