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Watch Mario Williams' Lamborghini Aventador Destroy An SLS AMG In A Drag Race

We know that a 700 horsepower Aventador owned (but not driven) by Mario Williams is going to be faster than a 563 horse SLS droptop. But how much of a head start will the Benzo need to tie it up? John Hennessey went to find out.


It turns out that on a one-mile airstrip run, no head start is big enough for the SLS to stay ahead of the Lambo for more than a few seconds. John summed up the monster Aventador nicely in his Texan accent, "ain't no doubt about that to me; it's fast."


The SLS, if you were wondering, is owned by Mario Mendias of My Fit Foods. Oh to be rich, and to know a guy with access to an airstrip.

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Seriously, the merc is an automatic transmission, it will never redline. Not to mention the fact that doing the race with the roof down is just insanely inept. He wins the DRAG race for sure, but not the fastest by any means.

I am in no way surprised that the merc loses. It is like putting Usain Bolt in the special olympics and being surprised he wins the 100M...