The civilian-spec Mercedes SLS AMG is really more of a touring car than a track-tearing demon. Until you uncork the exhaust and put a diving board spoiler on the back and turn it into a GT3 machine. You’re going to want to turn those headphones up.

A lot of car videos are thick with dubstep soundtracks or some idiot blathering over the sound of the engines. Not here. Just a few soothing minutes of sweet, sweet AMG engines running full noise like a pack of angry animals.

I’ll level with you, the driving isn’t exactly elite compared to some other clips you might have seen of cars like this on track. I believe that’s because you’re seeing relative amateurs take the wheel at an AMG driving academy.


Check out a little more of what that’s like and some even hotter laps right here:

Both these clips got me hot and bothered for Mercedes’ gullwing revival all over again.


Hat tip to Antony!