Chinese Journalists Crash Mercedes-Benz SLS And C63 AMG

Illustration for article titled Chinese Journalists Crash Mercedes-Benz SLS And C63 AMG

At the Mercedes-Benz press event "SLS AMG Track Xperience" at the Zhuhai International Circuit in southeast China, one journalist in an SLS braked too early and got thoroughly rear-ended by a C63 AMG.


Car News China reports that the car hacks were out on the track on their own.

Both drivers were fortunately unharmed, but these crashed Benzes are two more casualties of car hacks killing press cars on the track. Hey, if you're not crashing, you're not testing, am I right?


Photo Credit: Weibo/Car News China

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ThirdPedalGirl, ///Mother of one.

To be fair, aren't the brakes in the SLS known to be hard, sudden (the term I remember hearing used was "on or off and not much in between") and without much subtlety?

If so, it's not inconceivable that the guy in the SLS misjudged the brake pressure needed.

That being said, the guy in C63 AMG may have been following closer than he should have been.