Different continents, same matte pink Mercedes SLS AMG

What do you do when you get tired of your matte pink Lamborghini and your matte pink Ferrari? Give a Mercedes SLS AMG the flat pink treatment of course and then take it on a tour of the world.

This pink SLS was first spotted by GTspirit about a month ago in Dubai, the land of supercars with blinding paintjobs. It was sighted again this week in London, a city that is also no stranger to supercars in unique hues.

We suspect this SLS is owned by one of the members of the Royal Al-Thani family in Qatar who were previously responsible for the matte pink Ferrari 599. We can only wonder which high dollar super car will get the pink treatment next.



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PanchoVilleneuve ST

I don't care if it's pink, I don't like the SLS, and for one totally stupid and petty reason-the mirror placement. They should have been on the fenders, just in front of the door, since otherwise it totally ruins the gullwing doors. It makes it look like the car's giving the thumbs up when they're open. I mean, look! It's like HEY GUYS! I LOVE HOW I'M RECREATING THE MOST ICONIC FRONT SILHOUETTE IN THE HISTORY OF CARS! IT'S THE BEST!