Mercedes SLS AMG Black Prototype Crashes And Burns On The Nürburgring

The SLS AMG Black Series has already crashed and burned to the ground, and none have even been sold to customers yet. Testing on the Nürburgring can be dangerous business. found this prototype testing on the ‘Ring today when it wrecked on the track's long straight.

Both engineers onboard were reportedly uninjured, and track emergency crews arrived at the crash site within minutes.

The SLS AMG Black will surely have the requisite suspension and brake upgrades we expect from the brand, along with some carbon fiber aero add-ons. The car is also rumored to have 600+ horsepower.

We're not worried about the wreck. Hey, if you're not crashing, you're not really pushing the car, right?


You can see more pictures of the super-supercar at

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