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Tilt-Shifting Across The 'Ring In An SLS

Illustration for article titled Tilt-Shifting Across The Ring In An SLS

The Mercedes SLS AMG plays cat-and-mouse with another gullwinged sports car across the 'Ring in this tilt-shift photo. [via Numero—13]


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Lysol is the Man, Whitey!

Jalopnikers, today is the day that I come out of the closet, and I feel like you should be the first to know.

For years, I've felt like something was wrong with me, that I didn't fit into the mold society wanted me to fit in to. I've never been "normal," but didn't really know why until recently.

Ever since I was a child, I've never felt certain attractions to things I'm supposed to feel attracted to, and it used to eat me up inside. But no more.

OK, here it goes: I hate Nurburgring.

WOW! It feels like I've just breathed for the first time. Thank you all.