Watch F1 drivers try to scare each other on the Nürburgring

Media-baiting setup or not, watching Nico Rosberg hot-lap the Nürburgring in the rain (after having had only one ride-along lap — from Michael Schumacher) with a terrified David Coulthard in the right seat is worth the branding cynicism.

"We're gonna lift off the track, and we're gonna fly for 20 meters. I'm going to go absolutely flat out over the bump." Rosberg says, as Coulthard searches for something to hang on to. Easy with the color man, Nico. Brundle can't call your races alone.

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Matt Brown

In my experience, the passenger seat at the Nurburgring is the scariest place in the world. Especially in a rented Elise when your name is on the "I will pay for this if i wreck it into a wall" line.