This SUV Crash Is Like A Hollywood Stunt Gone Wrong

Somehow — and no one in Pittsburgh is quite sure how — this Saturn VUE entered a traffic circle like any normal car but then went airborne and ended up rubber-side up in the spout of a park fountain. The whole thing played out like what happens when the bad guy crashes during some big-budget action movie chase. » 9/30/13 10:03am 9/30/13 10:03am

GM revives ancient Saturn Vue as rental-only Chevy Captiva

Saying it wants to slake the thirst of rental-car customers for pillowy crossovers, General Motors will exhume the Saturn Vue, slap a Chevy grille on it and sell it as the Captiva later this year for fleets only. Say what? » 3/11/11 2:30pm 3/11/11 2:30pm

GM Aborts Buick Crossover After Negative Twitter Response

News today Buick will kill the planned Saturn Vue-platformed plug-in-hybrid-electric crossover comes as no surprise to the consumers and journalists who saw it in person. The "Vue-ick" was horrifyingly atrocious. Now we've uncovered news GM killed it because of Twitter. » 8/19/09 2:00pm 8/19/09 2:00pm

Buick To Get First Plug-In Hybrid SUV

GM just announced plans to give the outgoing Saturn Vue a facelift for Buick and introduce it as a plug-in 2-mode hybrid. It'll use Volt-like batteries and run 10 miles on electricity only, making it the first plug-in hybrid SUV. » 8/06/09 10:30am 8/06/09 10:30am

Unsolicited Suggestions For Detroit Automakers

An artist calling himself "Lunchbreath" has put together eight rather amusing proposals for the big-wigs at the Detroit automakers to consider. We like this one: sending up-armored Saturn Vues abroad for funny-looking military duty. [Core77] » 7/07/09 4:30pm 7/07/09 4:30pm

Best. Vanity License Plate. Ever.

Today's hilariously inappropriate vanity license plate comes from the great State of California and one person who likes... well... just add an "I," a "U" and a dirty mind. NSFW. (H/T to Jeff) [Motive] » 6/16/09 4:00pm 6/16/09 4:00pm

20 Least Expensive Cars To Insure For 2009

Like salt and pepper, chocolate and vanilla, our look at the 20 most expensive cars to insure for 2009 has a flip-side. Today we'll be looking at the 20 least expensive cars to insure for 2009. » 6/08/09 2:00pm 6/08/09 2:00pm

Aural Leakage: Battery Problems Short-Circuit Saturn Hybrid Sales

In the midst of a $4/gallon-inspired run on every ride that gets more than 12 MPG, we were more than a little surprised to hear that the 2008 Saturn Aura Green Line has racked up a measly 69 sales through the end of April. Wot's the deal? Turns out that leaky batteries, courtesy of supplier Cobasys, have sent the… » 6/04/08 7:30am 6/04/08 7:30am

2008 Saturn VUE XE On Sale For $2.3 Million

With the emerging global Saturn Vue shortage crisis biting into the supply of crossovers, global prices of the US-ified Opel are spiking to unheard of levels. Case in point comes from Saturn of Oxford Valley — ground zero for the desperate shortages. With so few Vues on the market, and demand so incredibly high,… » 5/15/08 5:40pm 5/15/08 5:40pm

Detroit Auto Show: Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid

Saturn's lawyers are at it again — this time they are declaring a world's first. The Saturn Vue Green Line 2 Mode is the world's first front-wheel-drive compact hybrid SUV in the world, or so they say. The obvious key feature is the two-mode hybrid technology capable of increasing fuel economy by 50 percent compared… » 1/14/08 6:14pm 1/14/08 6:14pm

Detroit Auto Show: Saturn Vue Plug-In Hybrid

In a mere two years Saturn will make its Vue Plug-In Hybrid available for masses. Wait for it, wait for it, yes, this hybrid will plug into the standard 110V household electrical outlet and connect to the car at the front fender, utilizing an adapted two-mode hybrid system from GM. The battery will fully recharge in… » 1/14/08 1:44pm 1/14/08 1:44pm

GMC Terrain Revealed in Kuwait

Not content to have their spotlight stolen by a bunch of lousy Pats fans at the New England International Auto Show, the Kuwait auto show has unveiled the new-for-them GMC Terrain. If it looks to you exactly like a rebadged Saturn Vue, that's because that's what it is. While this does mark the first compact SUV entry… » 11/28/07 11:15am 11/28/07 11:15am