GM Aborts Buick Crossover After Negative Twitter Response

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News today Buick will kill the planned Saturn Vue-platformed plug-in-hybrid-electric crossover comes as no surprise to the consumers and journalists who saw it in person. The "Vue-ick" was horrifyingly atrocious. Now we've uncovered news GM killed it because of Twitter.

We spoke with two unnamed sources at GM, one in design and one in marketing. Both told us the same thing — the Buick crossover was killed after higher-ups read tweets decrying the styling of the plug-in electric platform prostitute of a crossover. Specifically, conversations like the following:


Which echo comments from "consumers" that were also in attendance at the events of last week:

So what does this mean? It means GM's actually listening to people providing feedback and in this case, the, as GM spokesman Jim Hopson told us moments ago, "the overwhelmingly negative response to this vehicle coming out of this event." So there you go kids, join Twitter, and you too can help GM decide which vehicles to build and which vehicles not to build.


Also, you can probably hear about people getting to work, buying a coffee and other asinine and useless information.