This SUV Crash Is Like A Hollywood Stunt Gone Wrong

Somehow — and no one in Pittsburgh is quite sure how — this Saturn VUE entered a traffic circle like any normal car but then went airborne and ended up rubber-side up in the spout of a park fountain. The whole thing played out like what happens when the bad guy crashes during some big-budget action movie chase.

The Pittsburgh Press reports that around 6 p.m. Thursday, the SUV entered the traffic circle at Highland Park, traveled across a sidewalk, crossed a grassy area, drove through a patch of flowers and plants, crashed through a bench, hit the retaining wall of the fountain, flew several feet through the air, completely missed the pool of water, and then landed upside down in the fountain spout at the center.


Seriously. This is a thing that happened in real life.

Amazingly, the 78-year-old driver of the Saturn remains in stable condition at a Pittsburgh hospital, the newspaper reports. Police are investigating whether he suffered some kind of medical emergency that caused the crash.

The other incredible news is that while the crash was witnessed by an large group of onlookers at the park, no one else was hurt. Understandably, they remain incredulous about what happened.

Evan Jones, the Highland Park foreman, has seen a car or two veer onto the grass near the Park's Highland Avenue entrance. But he's never seen anything like Thursday night.

"Probably never again," he said. "I don't think they could have done it in a movie and have it as perfect as that."

Also, NO ONE GOT VIDEO OF THIS when it happened? The aftermath is the best we could find.


Photo credit Pittsburgh Press

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