This Guy Just Bought The Most (And Most Expensive) Rolls Royces Ever

Some things in life are so terrible, so awful, so delightfully vulgar that they go full-circle, and become great. The movie Starship Troopers, for example, or a Fluffernutter sandwich. Add to the list, then, Rolls-Royce's newest order for 30 Extended-Wheelbase Phantoms, its biggest and most expensive ever. » 9/17/14 11:22am 9/17/14 11:22am

Rolls-Royce Customers Love Customizing Their Rolls-Royces

Last year, almost 95% of Rolls-Royce cars purchased were personalized by their bespoke workshop. The Phantom was the most popular subject, with 99% of Middle-Eastern, 98% of North American, 95% of European and 86% of Asian buyers individualizing their cars, while Rolls-Royce also increased their revenue by 30%. » 2/25/14 2:20pm 2/25/14 2:20pm

Your Ridiculously Awesome Rolls-Royce Phantom Wallpaper Is Here

I never the desire of luxury automakers to stick their engines, the heart and soul of their cars, under vast acreage of plastic. That's one of the (very many) reasons why I've always liked cars from the hyper-luxury automakers. They let you see all of that engineering beauty and perfection for yourself. » 1/25/14 5:02pm 1/25/14 5:02pm

What Recession? Rolls-Royce Sold More Cars Last Year Than Ever Before

Rolls-Royce — the luxury car brand that makes all other luxury carmakers feel young, vibrant and West Egg-ish — saw a seemingly astounding 31% increase in sales in 2011. Rolls sold 3,538 Spirit of Ecstasy-ornamented barges of bountiful bank accounts — making it the best year of sales in the brand's 107-year-old… » 1/11/12 9:45am 1/11/12 9:45am