Stop Everything You're Doing And Love Stadium Super Trucks

Stadium Super Trucks is, by far and away, the perfect race series for someone who cares for nothing about racing. Do you really care which driver hates which? No. Do you really care whose dad was whose? No. Do you even care who wins? Not really. But it's loud, it's fast, it's slidey, and, oh yeah, SWEET JUMPS. » 3/02/15 9:28am 3/02/15 9:28am

What It's Like To Drive Off-Road With Robby Gordon When He's Winning

When the last stage of the 2015 Dakar Rally was cut down to a short off-road sprint due to weather, it was finally Robby Gordon's time to shine. Hear what his team had to say at the end of the epic rally, and try to hang on to your lunch through these cockpit-view clips from the last bit of the race. » 1/22/15 3:26pm 1/22/15 3:26pm

Robby Gordon Wins Final Stage Of 2015 Dakar Rally To Get 19th Overall

Racing legend Robby Gordon has had hard luck at the Dakar Rally; being plagued with problems and generally spending more time repairing than racing. But after a major mechanical setback in Stage 2, Gordon beat everybody on the last day and wound up in 19th overall. » 1/17/15 3:02pm 1/17/15 3:02pm

Here's Exactly Where The 2015 Dakar Rally Will Be Every Day

Here's the complete rally stage schedule for the 2015 Dakar Rally, as provided by Robby Gordon's Speed Energy race team. This'll let you know exactly where the competitors are battling it out, and help give you an idea of the event's massive scale. » 1/02/15 4:06am 1/02/15 4:06am

Follow Robby Gordon's Desperate Quest To Finally Win The Dakar Rally

Racing legend Robby Gordon wants to win the Dakar Rally so bad, somebody convinced NBC Sports to make an entire show about his eleventh attempt at the infamous sixteen-day off-road race. Follow his saga right here starting with the feature-length video: "Robby Gordon's Road To Dakar!" » 12/16/14 5:25pm 12/16/14 5:25pm

Check Out Robby Gordon's Sweet Baja Buggy From 1990

The look of off-road racing buggies hasn't change much in twenty five years, as it? Guess you don't see purple-&-orange on white too often anymore though. Here's Robby Gordon running his BF Goodrich rig at the 1990 Baja 1000. [Pascal Rondeau/Getty Images] » 6/26/14 2:06pm 6/26/14 2:06pm

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY! Insane Stadium Super Trucks Live On Your PC!

The laughably wacky and righteously entertaining Stadium Super Trucks are racing at Indy today at 3:10 PM EST, and you'll be able to watch it for free right here. » 5/23/14 10:51am 5/23/14 10:51am

Badass Racing Driver Robby Gordon Answered Your Questions

Robby Gordon is a living legend with one of the most diverse trophy cases in racing. On January 24th, 2014 he came through for a live Q&A with Jalopnik readers. Your questions and his answers are in the comments below. » 1/24/14 1:00pm 1/24/14 1:00pm

Daily Dakar 2014: Preview

It's January 3 and that can only mean two things. 1: millions of people have already broken their New Year's resolutions, and 2: the Dakar Rally is about to begin. For those unfamiliar with the event, the Dakar Rally is the single largest and longest motor race in the world. This year's edition will have over 430… » 1/03/14 10:00am 1/03/14 10:00am

Robby Gordon's New Truck: 300 HP For Dakar, 1200 For The Street

Robby Gordon will hit the gas on his tenth Dakar when the lights go green in Rosario, Argentina on January 5th. His headlining the epic event is nothing new, but what he'll be driving this year certainly is: A car he says he's going to sell to the public. » 12/31/13 12:20pm 12/31/13 12:20pm

Just Listen To Robby Gordon's New Race Truck On A Dyno

Robby's team is feverishly preparing for Dakar, and they've released a clip of their HST vehicle ripping through the gears on a dyno. Put your speakers up to 11, press play, and prepare to lose a few brain cells. » 12/24/13 10:00am 12/24/13 10:00am

Amazing R/C Stunts Will Make You Wish You Were 1/10 Scale

If you can't afford to prepare a real entrant to the Dakar rally next month, you might be able to live the action vicariously with one of these 1/10th scale Robby Gordon Hummers. » 12/20/13 3:00pm 12/20/13 3:00pm

This Is What A Perfect Rollover Looks Like

Robby "Channel Orange" Gordon was racing in Stadium Super Trucks in Vegas on Friday and rolled landing a jump. Did that stop him? Hell no. » 11/12/13 10:40am 11/12/13 10:40am

Robby F**king Gordon is a punk

Seriously. He's like that belligerent uncle you can't help but look up to. Yeah, so what if he breaks everyone's toys and throws sand in your beer? He's Robby F**king Gordon. Mike Guy spent some time with the racer on the dunes in Glamis. Check it out at Road & Track. » 9/06/13 3:41pm 9/06/13 3:41pm

Why A Man Wants Me To Race A 600-hp Stadium Super Truck

One man has blown up my twitter in the past 48 hours. That man is fellow Jalopnian, James F Johnson Jr. (@dmidwestredneck), and he desperately wants me to race in Robby Gordon’s new Stadium Super Truck Series. And, if you look at the kickass video below, it isn’t hard to see why. » 2/20/13 2:38pm 2/20/13 2:38pm

Robby Gordon Flips In Dakar, Takes This Epic Video

When Robby Gordon rolled his Hummer on Stage 4 of the Dakar Rally, he not only took this fantastic picture, he got onboard video of the roll. Oh yes. » 1/15/13 9:16am 1/15/13 9:16am

Is This The World’s Fastest Drive By?

No, not the kind of drive by with Eazy-E, but the kind of drive by with Robby Gordon flying past his crew on a high-speed run in the desert. Have you ever seen a faster one than this? » 12/21/12 1:00pm 12/21/12 1:00pm

The Greatest Off-Road Racing Game Ever Is Coming To Real Life

Even for many car enthusiasts, the ultimate expression of off-road competition isn't real life Baja racing but rather a rather simple video game from the late '80s called Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road but known to most as simply Super Off-Road. Now it's coming back. » 6/01/12 12:00pm 6/01/12 12:00pm

All The Best 2012 Dakar Rally Photos In One Place

Would you believe that a MINI won the Dakar rally this year? Perhaps a car brand that's as far from its roots in purposeful simplicity is a fitting metaphor for a rally named after a place in Africa that, for the first time this year, entered Peru. » 1/17/12 4:00pm 1/17/12 4:00pm

Robby Gordon To Inspectors: "Kiss My Ass"

The drama over Robby Gordon and Le Inspectors at Dakar heated up yesterday after the ex-NASCAR driver attempted to get a TV crew to inspect his Hummer in order to prove he didn't cheat. He also made a request regarding their lips and his butt cheeks. » 1/14/12 3:06pm 1/14/12 3:06pm