Robby Gordon's Father And Stepmother Found Dead In Southern California Home (Update)

Screencap via CBS 2
Screencap via CBS 2

The Orange County coroner confirmed this morning that the two people found dead inside a Southern California home owned by racer Robby Gordon are Gordon’s father and stepmother, reports USA Today. The cause of death has still not been determined.

Gordon’s father and stepmother Bob and Sharon were 68 and 57, respectively. Like Robby, Bob was an accomplished off-road racer, nicknamed “Baja Bob,” per the Los Angeles Times.


From USA Today:

What led to the deaths of Bob Gordon, 68, and Sharon Gordon, 57 ”had not been ruled one way or another,” Orange County Supervising Deputy Coroner Kelly Keyes told USA TODAY Sports. Keyes said autopsies were scheduled to be conducted on Thursday.

Prior reports say that police suspect this was a murder-suicide, and are not looking for a suspect at large in this case.

Update 8:44 p.m.: According to an update from The Orange County Register, the autopsy performed by the OC Coroner’s Office determine Sharon Gordon died from strangulation. The deaths are still being investigated as a possible murder suicide.


Correction: Sharon was Robby Gordon’s stepmother, which was initially not reported accurately in other sources covering this story. We regret passing along the error, and that has been corrected above. (H/T Jerry)

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Andrew P. Collins

What a tremendous tragedy. Having a hard time believing this is real, but it is on quite a few news outlets now.

I briefly rode in a chase truck with Bob two years ago. As far as I could tell he seemed like a nice guy. Still a hell of a driver, too. Even in retirement.

But “murder-suicide...” I just don’t understand. Heartbroken for the Gordons. Hope we figure out how to make some sense of this. Can’t imagine how Robby and the family must feel. Wish there was something I could do.