Watch Robby Gordon Do Barrel Rolls On An English Lord's Lawn

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What’s the difference between a crash and a stunt? ‘Round here we say; “landing on your wheels, bro!” Here’s how Robby Gordon brought the noise to the Estate Of Lord March at the 2015 Goodwood Festival Of Speed.


Notoriously rowdy racing driver Robby Gordon was invited to the prestigious Goodwood Festival Of Speed this year, and I think you’ll agree he did America proud by ripping the lawn to shreds and then tumbling his truck about five times.

The truck actually looked alright afterwards too, and Robby walked away unscathed. This is the same vehicle that runs in Stadium Super Trucks races, which is basically just “racing trucks running through skate parks.”



Images via Mate Petrany and Robert Stokes, video via Stadium Super Trucks Facebook Page

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