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8-year-old Max Gordon plays with trucks just like we did as kids. Except his are life-sized racing vehicles and he can actually drive them like a boss. Being raised by one of the greatest racers of all time has its advantages.

In case you didn’t know or guess, yes, little Gordon is the son of Robby Gordon, who has successfully raced in NASCAR, IndyCar, CART, the Dakar Rally, SCORE and NORRA desert races in Baja over the course of one hell of a driving career.


His signature orange livery and relentlessly aggressive driving style has earned him legions of fans in off-road racing, and his exhibition “Stadium Super Trucks” series has absolutely exploded in popularity over the last couple years.

Max looks like a chip off the block, alright. This kid could probably drive circles around me!

It looks like little Gordon here has been racing for at least two years, though I’m guessing he was messing around with motorized toys about as soon as he could hold his head up on his own.

Yeah, I’m pretty jealous. And something tells me I’ll be getting smoked by this rascal in Baja in about eight years time. But it’s exciting and hilarious to see a future champion drive the wheels off this rig without breaking a sweat.


Buen viaje, little dude.

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