Motorcycling Legend To Drive In Peugeot's Off-Road Return To Dakar

Peugeot has announced its "lion will roar again" at the 2015 Dakar Rally, when the French automaker is throwing its beret in the epic off-road race for the first time since 1990 with a new car and legendary motorcycle racer Cyril Despres at the wheel. » 3/26/14 1:08pm 3/26/14 1:08pm

Why The 2015 Dakar Rally Could Look Very Different

The 2015 Dakar Rally will consume a 9,000 kilometer loop beginning and ending in Buenos Aires, Argentina and passing through Bolivia and Chile. Cars, trucks, and bikes will have more separation and alternate rest days to keep them out of each other's way. » 3/26/14 10:37am 3/26/14 10:37am

How Much Is The Dakar Rally Really Doing Right By The Environment?

The Dakar Rally route crossed the high-altitude salt flats of Uyuni, Bolivia for the first time this year, making some new enemies who are concerned about event's collateral damage to a fragile ecosystem. Yet Dakar organizers maintain that their initiatives do more than enough to offset the impact of the race. » 1/23/14 12:33pm 1/23/14 12:33pm

Precarious Ravine Causes Rollovers for Three Racers in a Row at Dakar

Another fantastic Dakar rally raid is in the books and highlights of all kinds are still trickling in. For starters, I present The Triple Lulz.
I assume "vuelco" in the YouTube clip title, means lulz, because there's plenty of it. (Yes, I know it means "upset" in Spanish. Just roll with it). » 1/19/14 4:20pm 1/19/14 4:20pm

Daily Dakar: Stage 6

There is only one way to adequately start this edition of the Daily Dakar, and that is to pay tribute to the three lives lost during the rally yesterday. First, fifty year old Belgian rider Eric Palante, a veteran of 11 Dakars, who was declared dead yesterday morning. And second, Agustin Mina and Daniel Ambrosiao of… » 1/12/14 12:30pm 1/12/14 12:30pm

Heartbreaking Moment as Paulo Gonçalves's Bike Burns During Dakar

Well, that is a heartbreaking moment. Today's Stage 5 was so hot, that race officials shortened the stage for bikes and quads.
Several riders had issues with their bikes over heating, but Paulo's bike lit on fire and was a total loss. All he can do is stand by and cry as his dreams for this year's event come to a… » 1/10/14 9:58am 1/10/14 9:58am