Four Engines, All Wheel Drive, 100% Bad Ass: Riviera Wagon Master

You have to be a certifiable maniac to dream this big. Take four, 425ci Buick engines, two drive axles, a custom Buick station wagon body and a truckload of ingenuity and what do you get? Tommy Ivo's "Riviera Wagon Master". By all accounts it was kinda slow, running the quarter in the 8's - on gasoline, did we say… »2/20/08 12:20pm2/20/08 12:20pm

Detroit Auto Show: Buick Riviera Concept Makes US Debut

We already knew the 2007 Buick Riviera Concept would be here for the Detroit Auto Show, but the China born concept made it's US debut here last night. Originally unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2007, the Buick Riviera Concept was shown off to press by Ed Welburn and the gang at the Max M. Fisher Theater ahead of the show.… »1/11/08 10:30am1/11/08 10:30am

Poll Time: Who's The Misogyny King, '64 Riviera or '68 Mustang?

Watching old car ads, we tend to be most struck by how styling has changed (for the worse) and mechanical goodies have changed (for the better). But, every so often, we run across an ad that makes it clear how much the world around the cars has changed. The 1960s really aren't that far back in the rear view mirror,… »1/09/08 11:15am1/09/08 11:15am

New Boattail? Buick Riviera Concept Coming to Shanghai

Comprehension of cuneiform lettering is above our pay grade, so all we know about this Buick concept destined for the Shanghai auto show is its name in English. That is, the Riviera, a gullwing'd prototype sports coupe that could redefine the public perception of Buick around the world. It may also confuse the hell… »4/14/07 11:32pm4/14/07 11:32pm