Kirk Once Stole Spock's Buick Riviera

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It's a sad day today, because everyone's favorite (non-ALF) alien had passed. And while Leonard Nimoy wasn't necessarily known as a huge gearhead, he seemed to have good taste in cars, and has at least this one good car-related story. It involves Spock, Kirk, a bike, and a Buick Riviera.


During the three seasons that the original Star Trek series was on the air, Leonard Nimoy did pretty well — well enough to own one of the most stylish cars around at the time — a first-gen Buick Riviera. While not as flamboyant as the later boat-tail Rivieras of the '70s, these first Rivieras were tailored and dramatic looking, and, unusually for a GM product, had a completely unique body, not shared across the GM line. This was a very cool car to have in 1966, and as you can see by the pictures, Leonard Nimoy was quite proud of his car.

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So, the bike. It seems Spock liked to keep a bike on set, so he could get to the commissary for lunch in enough time to get back to makeup and get his ears touched up and all that. William Shatner, TV's Captain Kirk, though, decided it would be more fun to steal Spock's bike every now and then. Spock eventually got so frustrated that he locked the bike up in the trunk of his Riviera, so the Captain then decided to just steal the whole car and bike, by having them towed away.

Here, it's much funnier when you hear them tell it:

RIP, Spock. I'm sure you'll have a mint Riviera, with a bike in the trunk, wherever you end up.

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The early 1960's Riviera's were such great looking cars.
That one looks like a '63 or '64. I think I'm one of the few people who like the look of the 4 headlights over the clamshell.