BMW 435i M-Sport. Crash and burn?

The holiday romance. It's a situation we've all experienced. You've met someone abroad. Someone fun. Someone clever, adventurous, gorgeous. Romance starts to blossom and the time you spend together stays with you for weeks, perhaps months afterwards. Of course you get back home and those same feelings take a dive.… »2/13/14 3:30pm2/13/14 3:30pm

Not An M, It's an M Sport: BMW's New High-Spec 3-Series

Despite our objections to BMW using its M name on anything but its pure sports models, the company's gone and revealed its latest 3-Series cars in M Sport spec anyway. That means no M Power, but an aero kit, sport suspension setup and 18" M star-spoke alloys (or, optionally, 19" double-spokers). Inside you'll find… »2/14/07 10:30am2/14/07 10:30am