The Amount Of Work That Goes Into Making Ken Block's 600 HP Ford Focus RS RX Is Insane

I don’t think I had an appreciation for how much work goes into building a rallycross car from the ground-up until I saw this clip on Ken Block’s new Ford Focus RS RX. Every little individual component has to be assembled, and it’s fascinating to watch it all come together.

Sure, I knew that everything that goes into these cars had to come from somewhere, but you never really think about just how much work that is until you see someone individually heat-shrinking every wire.


Kenny from the Block and Hoonigan Racing Division teammate Andreas Bakkerud have been tearing it up in these cars over in World Rallycross.

Making the cars was a multi-continent effort on Ford and M-Sport’s part, but given that Block already put his new Focus on the podium this season, I’d say they’ve done well.

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