The Fastest, Baddest Ford Fiesta WRC Rally Car Is Extremely Happy To See You

Photo credit: M-Sport. Mouth added by Raphael Orlove.
Photo credit: M-Sport. Mouth added by Raphael Orlove.

M-Sport modifies Ford Fiestas to leap through the air with ridiculous feats of horsepower in the World Rally Championship. Let’s marvel at the latest Ford Fiesta WRC in all its eyebrow’d, smiling glory.

For 2017, M-Sport modified the all-new road-going Fiesta to be a total beast on the questionably maintained goat paths the WRC uses for stage roads. Managing Director Malcolm Wilson claims that over 95 percent of the car has been designed from scratch.


The WRC’s rules for next year are also brand new, most visibly with more aggressive aerodynamics, including those wonderful boxy fender flares which M-Sport says is a throwback to the infamous Group B days of the sport.

This happiest angry-peanut yet produces 380 brake horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque out of a 1600 cc direct injection EcoBoost engine.

A brand-new six-speed sequential transmission with hydraulic shift feeds that torque and power on to the wheels. It features a multi-disc clutch and an active center differential to make good use of that power.

Fully adjustable redesigned McPherson struts with Reiger external reservoir dampers make sure your favorite M-Sport drivers won’t break their backs on hard landings over yumps.


Last but not least, four-piston monoblock calipers clamp down on ventilated brake discs to slow the car down before it mows down an unlucky stage-side tree.

As you would expect, it’s a fully modern race car, complete with a T45 steel roll cage, 95 liters of energy-absorbing foam, Sparco racing seat, structural door sill reinforcements, and full chassis and engine data acquisition.


We can’t get its big grin up front out of our heads, though. It will haunt our dreams forever, or at least throughout the 2017 WRC season.

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