M-Sport Says Farewell To Their WRC Drivers By Squirting Them In The Balls

Photo credit: Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool
Photo credit: Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

World Rally Championship team M-Sport has the perfect send-off for drivers who leave their team: squirt them in their lap. Team mechanics rigged Ott Tänak’s car to spray water right between his legs at the season-ending Rally Australia, reports Motorsport.com. Tänak is set to move to Toyota next year.


The prank was rigged for a transport stage (where cars travel between the roads used to race), so it didn’t affect his rally result much, if any. Pipes were rigged to divert windshield washer fluid right to Tänak’s nuts whenever the driver selected third gear. It did, however, left him with what he described to Motorsport.com as a “nicely wet” crotch:

My balls are nicely wet now.

Let’s put it this way; as M-Sport won the championship this means they must have some quite good engineering… so they made some special system so every time I switch to third gear on the road section, some pipes were wetting my balls.

M-Sport played a similar prank on Mikko Hirvonen when he left the team, too. The team has been pretty good sports about Tänak, a driver who has stuck with them for years, leaving to Toyota, too—even decorating his room in Toyota gear while he was racing.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll be able to get the phrase “wetting my balls” out of my head for quite some time. Uh, that might be a bit too much information there.

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Tänak is set to move to Toyota next year.


That said, I’m bummed that M-sport’s probably donezo with WRC. They weren’t as good a salesman as Ken Block.