Vans will slide: fact. Codrivers are not good at drawing in a lumbering vehicle sliding around on a rally stage: also fact. The World Rally Championship put them to the test recently, and the results were, ah, predictable?

Citroën driver Kris Meeke and co-driver Paul Nagle took a Citroën Jumper up against M-Sport’s Elfyn Evans and Dan Barritt in a Ford Transit on a stage in Germany. The driver had to keep the big van shiny-side up, while the codriver was tasked with drawing the 2017 WRC car.


One point of order, though: Paul Nagle was robbed! His car actually looked sort of like a WRC car (....ish). Barritt’s simple stick-figure-person-mobile looked more like a van, to be honest.


Anyway, enjoy the hilarity of watching professionals who are tasked with keeping things organized and on-time for an entire rally break colored pencils.

[H/T Dusty Ventures]

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