Ford Put A Fiesta Through A Prisma Filter And Hit Fast Forward For Rally

GIF via Jaume Soler

The latest angry little peanut to break cover ahead of next year’s World Rally Championship season is the Ford Fiesta RS WRC. So many wings! Wings off wings and canards and flares with more flares! (Needless to say, I like how it looks.)

Unfortunately, the Fiesta had some engine trouble when Ott Tänak and Raigo Mölder tested the M-Sport-prepped car on Spanish roads, according to Jaume Soler.

When it’s running well, though, it’s still fast as balls even on the twistiest set of tarmac. Just like we like it.


I wish every car turned around via tidy handbrake turn.

[H/T Dino-Roar]

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Milton P.

Nothing, absolutely nothing beats 70's and 80's Rally Beasts, specially B Group Monsters, I just lost all interest in modern Rally and I am really close to loose all interest in F1 as well.