This Tiny Honda Camper Concept Returns Joy To The Peoples Of Earth

Right now I'm writing this with blood dripping from my nose because when I first saw this image of Honda's tiny kei-class pickup and its little, impeccably-designed camper, I leapt at my screen in an instinctive attempt to get to the car. Of course, I impacted the monitor hard, and fell off the back of my desk, legs… » 2/05/15 3:00pm 2/05/15 3:00pm

Subaru 360 - The Oppositelock Review

The most infamous review in the history of Consumer Reports car reviews came in 1969 when they covered the new to America Subaru 360. Their summation: Not Acceptable. » 1/27/15 1:45pm 1/27/15 1:45pm

This Car That Actual Humans Drove Was Less Than Ten Feet Long

Why Japan Is Cracking Down On Its Tiny Kei Cars

You're unlikely to ever see one in the U.S., but for decades Japan's domestic market minicars have provided drivers with efficiency, practicality, ease of parking, style, and even fun behind the wheel. Today, the kei car has never been more popular. So why do Japanese automakers want to wean buyers off of them? » 6/10/14 1:10pm 6/10/14 1:10pm

Japan Didn't Entirely Fall On Its Ass, Because Kei Cars

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place every weekday morning. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 6/02/14 9:33am 6/02/14 9:33am

Vantastic Is The Word That Pops Into Mind

The Daihatsu Mira Walk-Through Van is one of those things that could only come from Japan, a place where a coffin is considered to be a flat. » 5/16/14 3:48pm 5/16/14 3:48pm

Autozam AZ-1 Vs Suzuki Cappuccino: Which Is Greatest?

Okay, so I can't understand any of this Best Motoring comparo between two of the three great kei car sports cars of the 1990s, but that doesn't mean I don't like watching it. » 1/15/14 5:30pm 1/15/14 5:30pm

This Is Japan's Most Screwed Up Car Review Site

Let's just start with that top image there. That syringe thing in that position between those legs — all I can think of when I see that is that someone's taking care of a pesky yeast infection. And that, of course, makes me think about cars. Welcome to Joy Car, Japan's weirdo sexy doctor car review/examination site. » 9/04/13 2:33pm 9/04/13 2:33pm

This Is The Most Amazing Honda You've Never Heard Of

Honda isn't really known for its mid-engine cars or all-wheel drive systems. This car is a rarity: One of Honda's few mid-engine cars and it's one of Honda's relatively few AWD cars. It's also small enough to fit on most freight elevators. It's the Honda Z from 1998-2002. Just look at it. This thing rocks. » 7/15/13 3:15pm 7/15/13 3:15pm

Adorable Honda Ad Traces 50 Years Of Cars

With their brilliant "Hands" ad, Honda celebrated 65 years of making just about every kind of machine known to man. Now they're celebrating 50 years of making cars. » 7/11/13 1:25pm 7/11/13 1:25pm

For $5,500 This Kei, Kei, Kei Could Take Your Baby Away

As the late great George Carlin famously pointed out, the words Jumbo and Shrimp are mutually exclusive terms, and yet are commonly shoved together as though the conjoined twins of the English language. Point in fact, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Daihatsu is a shrimpy 4x4 that's ironically named Jumbo. You’ll… » 7/02/13 8:00am 7/02/13 8:00am

Show Us The Best Kei Cars

While Europeans got themselves some fantastic bubble cars after the war, the Japanese did something very similar with the introduction of the kei car category. The difference is that while the old continent switched to Mini's and Golfs pretty soon after things got back to normal, the Japanese kept their superminis… » 1/29/13 2:40pm 1/29/13 2:40pm

'Touge' Is The Japanese Art Of Mountain Drifting

There is something elemental about Japanese videos of cars drifting down mountain sides. It's called "touge" (or tōge), and this time, it's a bunch of Lilliputian kei cars and a full-size van that are the dorifto machines of choice. » 3/30/12 1:00pm 3/30/12 1:00pm

Japan's Ten Most Lovable Pocket-Sized Kei Cars

There's a lot to love about Japan, not the least of which is its crazy and entertaining car culture. We especially love their pint-sized Kei cars. Here are our commenter's ten favorite Kei cars. » 9/08/10 11:00am 9/08/10 11:00am

Mario Brothers Would've Been Much Easier With A Daihatsu

Like Kei cars? Like Mario Brothers? Combine the two with this T-shirt showing Mario and Luigi using a Daihatsu to take out some of Bowser's blasted red turtles. Kinda brutal isn't it? [Flying Mouse via Reddit] » 3/16/10 12:30pm 3/16/10 12:30pm

Honda Gets A New Life

The Honda Life » 11/06/08 4:00pm 11/06/08 4:00pm, one of the oldest minicars, dating back to the 1970s, is getting an upgrade. As a Kei car, the Life is limited to a 660 cc inline three-cylinder normally aspirated or turbocharged engine mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. Both AWD and FWD versions abound, including the base-model Life…

Suzuki Upgrades Wagon R With Stingray For JDM

Suzuki has launched a new Wagon R » 9/26/08 11:20am 9/26/08 11:20am for the Japanese domestic market: the . Built on a new platform that increases the wheelbase for enhanced stability, the Stingray retains the same 660cc turbocharged engine in order to comply with Kei-class regulations. The Wagon R has historically been the best-selling vehicle in…

Honda Motocompo Fits In Your Tiny Trunk!

Tiny Japanese cars from the '70s and '80s are awesome, but can you really fit anything more than a small suitcase or a couple bento boxes in the back? Actually, yes. In fact, back in the '80s, Honda sold the City with a motorcycle in the rear hatch. How did it fit? It transformed!

» 6/19/08 2:20pm 6/19/08 2:20pm

Chery Making Out-Of-Scale Kei Vans?

We just came across a set of new spy shots of what appears to be an as-of-yet-unknown new Chery van which to us looks a whole lot like a plus-size kei-type van. Aside from noting the dude smoking a cigarette in the drivers seat and — is that toilet paper on the dash? Whatever, we've got nothing on this one. As you may… » 5/30/08 9:40am 5/30/08 9:40am