Ford To Build Euro Models Stateside, Reports Wall Street Journal

A Saturday Wall Street Journal report claims Ford is working up plans to retool its North American assembly plants to build a number of European models. Ford hasn't confirmed the report, but it is expected to announce the shift during its second-quarter earnings conference on Thursday. While the paper mentions only… » 7/21/08 10:40am 7/21/08 10:40am

Production Ford Kuga Spied in Wild

The production model of the Ford Kuga ends up looking strikingly similar to the version we showed you at Frankfurt. The sporty crossover is yet another take on the "kinetic design" from Ford Europe that we continue to lust after and will feature the 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi diesel engine. » 11/26/07 2:15pm 11/26/07 2:15pm

Euro Focus ST Gets a Facelift

Hot on the heels of the outgoing special edition ST500, Ford Europe's readying an updated Focus ST for the continent. It's not quite witness-protection surgery, but the nips and tucks do edge the hoony version of Volvo S40's platform mate closer toward Ford Europe's "kinetic" styling ideal as expressed in the latest … » 11/09/07 9:15am 11/09/07 9:15am

Ford Launches Focus Special Edition ST500 in the UK

Playing the grass-is-greener game whenever Ford Europe puts out a new, high-performance variant of the Euro Focus is getting tedious. Perhaps Brits do the same thing when Ford North America sends out yet another Mustang derivative. Ah, screw it; here goes one more. It's the Ford Focus ST500, a spec'd-up Focus to be… » 11/08/07 8:30am 11/08/07 8:30am

Ford Focus RS

If you're following our drive time in the latest US-model Ford Focus, you'll be pleased to know Europeans will soon have another reason to gloat. It's the Ford Focus RS, soon to succeed the quick-and-agile (and none too ugly) Focus ST. It's the Ford Focus RS, a hot hatch powered by a 3.0-liter in-line six producing… » 10/17/07 9:15am 10/17/07 9:15am

Ford S-Max in the US

Overseas models continually pop up on US streets, often as the chosen rides for homesick diplomats, sometimes as cross-border jobbies from Canada or Mexico and frequently as test vehicles fielded by automaking engineers. Since there's been talk of Ford CEO Allan Mulally being quite hot to bring some of Ford Europe's… » 8/28/07 3:35pm 8/28/07 3:35pm

Report: Ford Considering C-Max, Kuga Crossover for US Market

There's more chatter in the pipeline about Ford bringing models from its European division to the US. One day after the company announced it would show the upcoming Kuga crossover in Frankfurt this year, Germany's AutomobilWoche says boss Alan Mulally is hot to bring it and Ford Europe's much loved C-Max MPV to the… » 7/20/07 11:00am 7/20/07 11:00am

Falling Dollar Nixes FoMoCo's Import Plan for Euro Crossover

With Ford Europe's designs, products and profits soaring over FoMoCo's code-red balance sheet like a giant foam finger, CEO Alan Mulally was hot to set the division's halo atop the head of Lincoln. In particular, as Automotive News reports, he'd wanted to import a version of Ford Europe's new European crossover —… » 5/14/07 8:05am 5/14/07 8:05am

God Save the Packages: The Ford Transit SportVan

Ford Europe is going after a yet-untapped market with a new class of vehicle, the sport commercial urban delivery vehicle (SCUD), and it's created a squarish missile to represent. Unfortunately that van's been retired. But no worries, the company's just launched its new Transit SportVan at the Commercial Vehicle Show… » 4/24/07 8:59am 4/24/07 8:59am

Ford Europe's 2008 Mondeo, Coming to Geneva

Ford Europe released the latest on its redesigned Mondeo, which premiered in lights of lime during last year's Bond vehicle "Casino Real." It played an airport rental car, which won't necessarily different from the real European Mondeo. But the first manifestation of Ford Europe's "kinetic design" language is too… » 2/14/07 11:00am 2/14/07 11:00am

More on Ford Europe's US Transplants: S-Max Could Be Coming

According to Automotive News Ford Europe's new influence on the US brand could include an exported S-Max minivan/MPV, the well-considered hauler that snagged the European "Car of the Year 2007." New chief bossman, Alan Mulally declined to offer details on which new models from FoMoCo's profitable on-continent… » 1/29/07 8:48am 1/29/07 8:48am

It's Just Different Over There: Ford Europe Launches "Individual"…

If you weren't already aware, Ford Europe is a vastly different animal than its stateside sibling. As a purely European construct, it's largely similar to VW, a fact sometimes lost on us Yanks until we happen to spot the blue oval on some wacky diesel minicar with EU plates (on a web site, of course). In fact, the… » 1/16/07 11:52am 1/16/07 11:52am

Spy Photos: Ford Mondeo Wagon

The new European Ford Mondeo may be the most well-designed mainstream midsize wagon ever produced (at least since the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser). Damnation by the faintest of praise? Maybe. But Ford's European boys deserve their propers for creating a compelling form from the most banal parameters. There's talk one of… » 12/12/06 9:45am 12/12/06 9:45am

Jalopnik Poll: Which Ford Europe Product Should FoMoCo Bring to the US?

UK-based trade mag Just-Auto yesterday reported FoMoCo is considering bringing models from Ford Europe to the US market, a practice the company has employed in the past to fill holes in its stateside line. Among models it's considering are the Mondeo, Focus, S-Max, and Galaxy minivan, which many Jalopnik readers… » 12/07/06 7:55am 12/07/06 7:55am

More Images of the Ford Mondeo Non-Wagon

The boys at the Motor most Authoritative somehow procured more pre-release imagery — shot on location in the Bahamas — of the new Ford Mondeo sedan. They say the photos convey a special 5-door version of the new Mondeo, which was created for the first scene in the upcoming Bond movie "Casino Royale." Ford introduced… » 10/03/06 8:45pm 10/03/06 8:45pm