Ford To Build Euro Models Stateside, Reports Wall Street Journal

Illustration for article titled Ford To Build Euro Models Stateside, Reports Wall Street Journal

A Saturday Wall Street Journal report claims Ford is working up plans to retool its North American assembly plants to build a number of European models. Ford hasn't confirmed the report, but it is expected to announce the shift during its second-quarter earnings conference on Thursday. While the paper mentions only the Mondeo specifically, conventional wisdom has the Euro Focus and possibly a C-Max/S-Max joining it. We'll take one with a diesel and 6-speed stick, please. [WSJ via Automotive News (Sub. Req.)]

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Rob Emslie

Not to pee on everyone's barbeque, but has anyone actually sat in a Mondeo? And I don't mean our European Jalopnik brothers and sisters, I mean big ol' fat-ass Americans like me. We already get a version of the last-gen Mondeo in the form of the Jag X-type, and it's a tiny car. It has a whole lot less room in the back seat than the Fusion does.

I think that a lot of enthusiasts have a "grass is greener mentality involving cars we can't have, and then when provided with the cars, they give a collective "meh".

Really, comparing a Fusion to a Mondeo, what's the big difference? They'd both be using the same engines/transmissions here in the states so it would come down to styling and features, and I think Ford has hit a closer mark to volume sales here in the US with the Fusion than they would have with the Mondeo.