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Falling Dollar Nixes FoMoCo's Import Plan for Euro Crossover

Illustration for article titled Falling Dollar Nixes FoMoCos Import Plan for Euro Crossover

With Ford Europe's designs, products and profits soaring over FoMoCo's code-red balance sheet like a giant foam finger, CEO Alan Mulally was hot to set the division's halo atop the head of Lincoln. In particular, as Automotive News reports, he'd wanted to import a version of Ford Europe's new European crossover — based on the Iosis X concept shown in Paris last year — to be sold in the US as a Lincoln model. But according to AW, that plan is deader than Charles de'Gaulle's aunt Fanny. As we just learned during a trip to the old continent, where the US dollar is currently valued at a handful of paperclips, currency valuations can make or break a plan. The new crossover, which will be built at Ford's plant in Saarlouis, Germany for release in Europe next year, would have been too expensive to offer in North America. And we'll just have to buy our Italian shoes at Wal-Mart.


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@Retiree: The platform is not being produced in US at this point, but will be starting in 2011 when the all new Focus finally debuts ... Ford will no doubt make more products on that new platform - globally or locally or the NA market. This CUV is still built on the OLD Focus platform (C1), which we did not get due to 2 stupid decisions in Dearborn - in 2003 not to join the MkII Focus program and in 2005 when the chose the 08 Focus over federalizing the MkII Focus. This CUV will be too small of a volume to federalize .. it would have only made sense imported . .Focus sells enough to warrant federalization though.