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Euro Focus ST Gets a Facelift

Illustration for article titled Euro Focus ST Gets a Facelift

Hot on the heels of the outgoing special edition ST500, Ford Europe's readying an updated Focus ST for the continent. It's not quite witness-protection surgery, but the nips and tucks do edge the hoony version of Volvo S40's platform mate closer toward Ford Europe's "kinetic" styling ideal as expressed in the latest Mondeo. That by way of some clever sculptural details, including that yonic chasm under its license plate. Still, the 2.5-liter five-cylinder stays unmolested at 220+ horsepower. [AutoExpress via Autoblog]


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Hold on...OUR Focus may be an old, ugly, tiny-tire-d POS, but it has...wait for it...Microsoft voice-activated radio and phone!!! Ohmy F***ing GOD that makes it soooooooo much better.

At least when the SYNC breaks in 18 months or less you have an excuse to correct the mistake of buying your Focus to begin with.

Unless you smash it before then after being driven to near insanity by that obnoxious sound it makes every time you press it.