Ford Uses a Giant Robot to Mimic How Your Sweaty Butt Affects Car Seats Over Time

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You probably clicked this story headline mentally preparing for some lame jokes about butt sweat, but those are better left to people like Beavis, Butt-Head and internet commenters—plus, everyone knows that fart jokes are better anyway. So, instead, we’re going to talk about butt sweat in a more practical sense.

Ford Europe apparently thinks about sweaty butts quite often—in a practical manner, of course—and constructed a robotic simulator called the Sweaty Robutt for tests on its cars. The robot is new, and Ford Europe started testing seat durability in the Fiesta with it last year. The “Robutt” test, Ford Europe said in a blog post, is moving to all of its vehicles now.

The robot is meant to simulate a person getting in and out of a car seat while drenched in sweat, and Ford built it based on a test it already had for getting in and out while dry. Ford said both tests mimic a decade of wear, with the sweat test lasting three days while the robot “sits, bounces and twists” in the seat 7,500 times while wet and heated to nearly 97 degrees Fahrenheit.


Here’s how it goes down, via this video from Ford Europe:

As someone who’s drenched a car seat on the way home from a gym workout several times a week for the past seven years and didn’t realize the wear and tear until it was too late, this is a good idea. It’s also a great excuse to not go to the gym if your seats haven’t been through a sweat test, and that would be quite a handy excuse for getting out of your New Year’s resolution, wouldn’t it?


Yeah, you’re welcome for that.

[H/t Autoblog]