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Report: Ford Considering C-Max, Kuga Crossover for US Market

Illustration for article titled Report: Ford Considering C-Max, Kuga Crossover for US Market

There's more chatter in the pipeline about Ford bringing models from its European division to the US. One day after the company announced it would show the upcoming Kuga crossover in Frankfurt this year, Germany's AutomobilWoche says boss Alan Mulally is hot to bring it and Ford Europe's much loved C-Max MPV to the land of burgers and fries. The economy-minded vehicles could give Ford a leg up on competitors if new fuel-economy regulations see the light of day, and a fresh set of designs from the boffins at Ford Europe would surely give the American line a B12 shot. That sound you hear prez Mark Fields' grinding a balance sheet, possibly in his teeth. [via Motor Authority]


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Another alternative is the same vehicles (sans the Kuga) are being built in China. If the vehicles are engineered to the same technological and safety specifications as their European counterparts, then I think the logical idea would be to export the cars from China. You'd get a nice vehicle of European design but it would be more affordable.