'Maximum' Bob Lutz Body Slams Ex GM CEO Ed Whitacre

Former AT&T boss and 10-month GM CEO Ed Whitacre has a book out about how he saved GM. I've already lampooned that notion, but it's nice to see 'Maximum' Bob Lutz chime in, if only because Lutz was there and because Lutz is a jet-flying, Global Warming-denying madman who always speaks his mind. Lutz, predictably,… » 3/01/13 1:15pm 3/01/13 1:15pm

Ford Has Another Movement, Bentley Has A Fragrance, And Whitacre Has An…

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place at 9:00 AM. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 2/19/13 9:07am 2/19/13 9:07am

Ed Whitacre Also Thinks He Saved GM

Everyone involved with the General Motors turnaround seems to think it's important to note that they were the ones who actually saved GM, even though the company is still far from being a model of business success. Today's turn comes from former AT&T CEO and very very interim GM CEO Ed Whitacre in excerpts from his… » 1/23/13 10:00am 1/23/13 10:00am

New GM CEO Criticizes Obama, Brags About Voting Republican

General Motors' new CEO Dan Akerson told GM employees today that the automaker will go into "attack mentality" and made a small attack of his own against the Obama administration's economic policies, noting "I vote Republican." » 9/08/10 4:00pm 9/08/10 4:00pm

GM CEO Ed Whitacre Stepping Down Sept. 1, Akerson Takes Over

General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre will step down Sept. 1, with GM board member Dan Akerson becoming the fourth GM chief in two years. Whitacre, 68, will stay on as chairman until the end of the year. UPDATE. » 8/12/10 10:50am 8/12/10 10:50am

— Ed Whitacre

GM CEO Ed Whitacre reassures everyone he knows less about cars than Ford CEO Alan Mulally when responding to a question about GM selling a minivan during yesterday's Center For Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminar. [@DavidShepardson] » 8/06/10 4:30pm 8/06/10 4:30pm

RWD Cadillac Flagship Gets Go-Ahead

GM CEO Ed Whitacre's directed Cadillac to develop a RWD flagship model positioned above the upcoming Cadillac XTS according to Car&Driver. It's mostly speculation at this point, but for now dream sweetly of the Cadillac Sixteen. [Car&Driver] » 6/11/10 3:30pm 6/11/10 3:30pm

CNBC's Phil LeBeau Owns Meek Fox Business Reporter

CNBC auto industry reporter Phil LeBeau's job is to try to explain simple concepts to Mike Barnicle, so he's got a lot of pent up frustration. It explains why he so brilliantly scrum fucks this Fox Business Network reporter. » 4/26/10 12:30pm 4/26/10 12:30pm

GM Rehires Fritz Henderson As $59K-Per-Month Consultant

Former CEO Fritz Henderson has been rehired by GM, the company that hastily canned him, for a $59K-per-month gig as a consultant according to The Detroit News. What's next? Sarah Henderson getting hired to run GM social media? [via @davidshepardson] » 2/19/10 4:45pm 2/19/10 4:45pm

GM's Whitacre: "No Deal Yet On Saab"

No enlightenment about Saab's future moments ago in the press conference officially anointing Ed Whitacre, Jr. as GM CEO. What new news was there in the 15-minute press conference? Whitacre will basically be commuting from Texas to Detroit. » 1/25/10 12:30pm 1/25/10 12:30pm

I See Ed People: Whitacre Appoints Self As New GM CEO

We just knew Edward E. Whitacre Jr., the government-appointed chairman of GM, loved the spotlight too much to step down. He will reportedly become the automaker's permanent CEO after holding the position on an interim basis. » 1/25/10 9:15am 1/25/10 9:15am

iDontThinkSo: Apple's Tim Cook Will Not Be Next GM CEO

On Thursday Silicon Valley Insider reported Apple COO Tim Cook is executive search firm Spencer Stuart's top choice for the open CEO spot at General Motors. Yeah, that'll never happen. » 1/04/10 3:30pm 1/04/10 3:30pm

How To Petition GM To Save Saab

Want to help save Saab from being børked? Saabs United has put together a sample email appeal along with Ed Whitacre's email address. Better hurry, the børking time draws nigh. [SaabsUnited] » 12/21/09 12:00pm 12/21/09 12:00pm

Bob Lutz —

GM's "Maximum" Vice Chairman and product czar bestows Interim GM CEO Ed Whitacre with the highest level of praise one old rich white person can bestow upon another at the General's Detroit Auto Show preview event last night. [WWJ Radio] » 12/17/09 5:45pm 12/17/09 5:45pm

Buick/GMC General Manager Quits Job After Just Nine Days

GM today confirmed Buick GMC General Manager Michael D. Richards has quit after just nine days on the job. Although no news on who'll replace him, sources have forwarded us exclusively the following personal farewell e-mail from CEO Ed Whitacre. » 12/10/09 10:20am 12/10/09 10:20am

GM Chairman Ed Whitacre Threatens Execs With Emoticon

Henry Ford II famously sent notes to company executives simply stating "You Better Win" in regards to Le Mans. GM Chairman Ed Whitacre basically did the same thing in a live GM chat, except with an emoticon. [GM Fastlane] » 12/08/09 1:20pm 12/08/09 1:20pm

New GM CEO Futzes With Org Charts, Bob Lutz's "Maximum Marketer" Job

Bloomberg's reporting this morning new GM interim CEO Ed Whitacre's making big changes fast, drawing up a new management blueprint in "four hours" that ousts Bob Lutz from the role of "Maximum Marketer." UPDATE: Changes below! » 12/04/09 8:15am 12/04/09 8:15am

Today's Dilbert A Thinly Veiled Stab At GM Management

Yesterday was going as planned with pre-LA Auto Show news trickling out until BAM! GM announces President and CEO Fritz Henderson was resigning (fired!) and other-old-white-guy Ed Whitacre would take his place in the interim. Today's Dilbert skewers everyone involved. » 12/02/09 2:34pm 12/02/09 2:34pm

Bob Lutz: I Won't Talk About Fritz But...

The LA Auto Show keynote address wasn't supposed to be important, it was supposed to be Fritz Henderson. However, things changed last night. So everyone is here, listening to Lutz not talk about Fritz Henderson. Except he did. A little » 12/02/09 1:00pm 12/02/09 1:00pm

LA Auto Show: With Fritz Gone, It's Bob's World Now

Fritz Henderson was supposed to be this morning's LA Auto Show keynote speaker until he resigned (or was forced out, depending on which Henderson we listen to) as GM CEO. Now Bob Lutz takes the reins...well, of today's speech anyway. » 12/02/09 10:30am 12/02/09 10:30am