Illustration for article titled I See Ed People: Whitacre Appoints Self As New GM CEO

We just knew Edward E. Whitacre Jr., the government-appointed chairman of GM, loved the spotlight too much to step down. He will reportedly become the automaker's permanent CEO after holding the position on an interim basis.


Mr. Whitacre assumed GM's top spot after the company's board dismissed Fritz Henderson last month. Shortly afterward, GM hired executive recruiting firm Spencer Stuart to find Mr. Henderson's replacement. They reportedly came up with Apple COO Tim Cook as the top choice, but, umm, he's working for Apple. I guess the old white guy's the next best choice, right? I mean, he looks like every other CEO in GM's history as well as every senior exec at the company right now, so why not?


We'll be watching Facebook to see if his daughter gets mad at her dad for replacing her dad with himself. [CNBC via Dealbook]

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