iDontThinkSo: Apple's Tim Cook Will Not Be Next GM CEO

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On Thursday Silicon Valley Insider reported Apple COO Tim Cook is executive search firm Spencer Stuart's top choice for the open CEO spot at General Motors. Yeah, that'll never happen.

Cook recently was paid a cool 12 million dollars to take the reigns as interim CEO at Apple for six months while Steve Jobs was out being re-built as iSteve. We find it kind of hard to believe that the man being groomed as the next Apple CEO would ever take the job as GM CEO.

But that's also not what this report is claiming. It's only claiming Cook is the top choice by one executive search firm for the open slot at GM, not that Cook's been approached to helm the automaker or that he's even interested in the job. Still, he'd be a helluva choice for the job. Well, up until he puts ONStar exclusively on AT&T service so it'll drop every other 911 vehicle crash notification call. [Silicon Valley Insider]