Bob Lutz: I Won't Talk About Fritz But...

The LA Auto Show keynote address wasn't supposed to be important, it was supposed to be Fritz Henderson. However, things changed last night. So everyone is here, listening to Lutz not talk about Fritz Henderson. Except he did. A little


After sarcastically apologizing for GM not providing any news lately he stated "I know you'd like the true, inside story of what really happened at General motors. I'm not giving it to you." At least not until he writes his next book.

But then, because he's Lutz, he did go on to say: "I think all of us were surprised. The whole General Motors team is genuinely saddened over what transpired. Fritz is without question a great executive."

After that it was mostly a discussion of the Volt, why the Asian automakers hated on Li-Ion tech, and talking about how California was getting 100 of the Volts first for a test, which makes sense given the existing electric car charging infrastructure and warmer climate.

The money quote: The transition to electric vehicles is as important as "moving from horses to horsepower." He's now "Maximum Charge" Bob Lutz.

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