Saab Not Yet Dead?

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GM shouldn't bring out the dead just yet. Swedish national papers are reporting Spyker's making a last-ditch attempt to purchase Saab and prevent the brand from getting irrevocably Börked. Now GM's saying it's weighting options.


We'd assume — out of national pride at least — Sweden would be doing everything possible to try and retain existence of its quirky but still seemingly loved brand. The question we've got is who's going to pick up the funding end that Russian backers — the sticking point in GM shooting down the sale due to intellectual property concerns — and make GM feel all safe and snugly?

Still, we're now hearing the following from GM:

"Following Friday's announcement that GM will begin the orderly wind down of Saab, GM has received inquiries from several parties. We will evaluate each inquiry. We will not comment further until these evaluations have been completed."

Guess we maybe should have held off on those obits on Friday, eh? [ (translated), GM]



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