Chrysler Kills AWD Versions Of 2009 Avenger, Sebring, Caliber

Citing abysmal take rates of less than 1.5%, Chrysler is discontinuing the all-wheel-drive » 10/21/08 3:45pm 10/21/08 3:45pm versions of the , and beginning in 2009. Chrysler mentions lack of consumer interest and reduced fuel economy as prime reasons for dropping the option; Borg Warner, the AWD supplier, thinks Chrysler is jumping the gun,…

12-Year-Old Wins Dodge Caliber For Going To School

7th grade student Ashley Martinez can't drive, because she's only 12 years old. But now, thanks to her excellent school attendance record, she's got a brand new car. With its average attendance rate around 91% for the last couple years, compared to a state average of 93.7%, the Chicago School District offered the car… » 6/25/08 4:00pm 6/25/08 4:00pm

SEMA 2007: Dodge Caliber "Stormtrooper Jr"

If the Mopar-built Dodge Avenger concept we showed you earlier is named "Stormtrooper," then this here DUB edition Dodge Caliber is most assuredly "Stormtrooper Jr." Or, "Mini Stormtrooper" if you will. We've got no other information on it to give you, but we found it so gleamingly bright and white we thought we'd… » 10/31/07 10:15am 10/31/07 10:15am