Index Of Effluency Battle Heats Up: Audi 5000 vs Citation X-11 vs Omni …

If you're a serious 24 Hours of LeMons fan, you know that the Index Of Effluency (given to the team that overachieves beyond all expectation with an all-around terrible car) is the real top prize. Who's leading after Day One? » 5/23/10 2:00am 5/23/10 2:00am

Citation X-11 Gears Up For LeMons New England, Will Prove X-Body…

When the LeMons perpetrators get together, the conversation inevitably turns to the "Cars We Wish Someone Would Bring To A Race" topic. The Chevy Citation X-11 always makes our Top Ten list. » 6/20/09 4:30pm 6/20/09 4:30pm

Short-Lived GM Car of the Day: Pontiac Phoenix

We're not referring to the first-generation Phoenix, which was a badge-engineered Nova built for the '77 through '79 model years. No, this Phoenix is a proud badge-engineered Citation! Built for the '80 through '84 model years, the second-gen Phoenix was available in a "performance" version known as the SJ. Today it… » 4/05/07 2:16pm 4/05/07 2:16pm

Yet More Citation Love, Super 8 Style

Not only is the Chevy Citation a star in our hearts, it's a star in this heartbreaking drama entitled Exit of a Car. Shot in moody Super 8 by some Palomar College students who call themselves "The Fugitive Salesmen," this piece drags on a bit (in that special student-film way) but is rescued from snoresville by the…

» 4/05/07 10:21am 4/05/07 10:21am

So You Want a V8 X-11 Citation?

We had some discussion yesterday about the feasibility of dropping a Cadillac HT-4900 V8 into the Chevy Celebrity (and its A- and X-Body GM brethren), and- sure enough- some Citation freak has documented the swap online. Tyre's descriptions and photographs do an excellent job of walking the the reader through the… » 4/04/07 5:20pm 4/04/07 5:20pm

Darling Harlan Wants To Put You In This Citation Today!

$688 down and $212 a month for a brand-new Citation? Where's my time machine? This fine ad for Norwalk's Dial Chevrolet might as well be an outtake from Kurt Russell's second-greatest movie, what with its dishwater-weak cars and general air of post-Watergate ennui. Don't forget the Synth Coke if you're taking…

» 3/07/07 10:15am 3/07/07 10:15am